The Complete Guide to True Damage Yasuo Cosplay Costume

The Complete Guide to True Damage Yasuo Cosplay Costume

League of Legends has received massive success since its release in 2009. Created and published by Riot Games, it is a multi-player battle arena game which is played online. The inspiration for the game has been taken from Defense of the Ancients, a mod for Warcraft III. The game is accessible for free, but features have to be purchased for character customization.

Being a MOBA, League of Legends requires players to control a character possessing unique powers. From April 2021 onwards there will be 155 playable characters you can choose from in the game. During the match, player can level up by defeating enemies and obtaining XP. There are also items available which can make your champion stronger. These are purchased by the gold earned gradually by killing your opponents.

The exciting gameplay and constant updates keep League of Legends interesting and full of new challenges. Therefore, it is no surprise that the game has become a major esport on a worldwide scale. At this height of popularity, League of Legends characters are a common choice for cosplayers. With how amazing each one looks it is difficult to resist the urge to bring them into real life. Our guide will be specifically focusing on the incredible Yasuo today.

But before diving into how to make League of Legends Yasuo cosplay a reality, let us explore his details. It is important to know his backstory to accurately portray him.

League of Legends Yasuo

Yasuo is a man of many aliases: The Unforgiven, Fool with No Home, Wanderer, Brooding Wandered. He is a human magic user or “Magicborn” as they are called in the game. Yasuo is a swordsman with extreme agility and a troubled past. As a young man he was accused of killing his master. In another stroke of bad luck his brother is also slain by his hand in self-defense. Yasuo is unable to grant himself forgiveness for all his actions and chooses to wander the world alone.


Yasuo inspires equal amounts of devotion and notoriety among the League of Legends fandom. His impressive appearance, wind magic, and swordplay are what makes him a fantastic player. However, his ability to “Wind Wall” or projectile blocking is disliked by quite a few players. No matter what the reason, his popularity is undeniable and has made him a poster child of the game. His swordsmanship blended with magic skill makes him a force to reckon with.

True Damage Skin

League of Legends applies a very interesting twist when it comes to skins. There is a collection of alternate universe/future skins categorized as Music, set on an alternate Earth. What is so appealing about it? Each of the champions have a music star alter ego here! There are four series of skins which correspond to the champions turn music artists. These are Pentakill, K/DA, DJ, and True Damage.

In this alternate universe, Yasuo is an enigmatic creative mind for whom music comes above everything else.  He can only be lured out of his secluded state by a worthy collaboration or artist. The True Damage skins push the lore of League of Legends into an entirely parallel zone. Yasuo along with all the other characters rocks a look that is incredibly high fashion and hip-hop. Fantasy is mingled with a futuristic sci-fi aesthetic in the smoothest of transitions. That is what makes dress like yasuo cosplay even more exciting for fans.

Cosplaying as True Damage Yusao

We cannot get over how otherworldly Yasuo looks in his True Damage outfit. From the glowing electric blue and black aesthetic to futuristic accessories it leaves nothing to be desired. Each of the pieces come together to form an unforgettable look that will set you apart in any convention. Or add more followers to your Instagram if portrayed correctly!

The hair

For male or female Yasuo cosplay, a wig will be required to imitate all his voluminous hair. There are ones available exactly for the purpose of cosplaying him. Otherwise, if you are in the mood of putting more effort, you can tease a black wig into the hairstyle. He has sideswept bangs and the rest of the hair is piled up high in a full thick ponytail.

The outfit

Yasuo sports a killing leather jacket in a bold electric blue with black accents. The tall stand-up collars are also reminiscent of a retro vibe while looking ultra-modern. The best place to acquire this jacket is GLJ which provides premium quality leather items. The jacket is made to be comfortable as well with its soft viscose lining and open front.

With the focal point of the outfit acquired, all you need are the layers underneath. A gray roll neck will do nicely paired with dark baggy trousers. It is very intriguing how the designers have successfully integrated the traditional samurai look into the modern style. The final touch needed is the face mask in gray with two brilliant blue stripes running down the side. Speak of the perfect cosplay for our Covid ridden world!


And finally, we are down to Yasuo’s bells and whistles. His heavy-duty headset is one of the most eye-catching features of his True Damage persona. But the designers do not let us forget his true nature as a Samurai as his sword still accompanies him. The Japanese style blade looks even leaner and meaner for this version of Yasuo. So, you will still be able to carry around this cool piece while spinning the records.

Final Thoughts

Yasuo is one of the many characters you can play as in League of Legends with an inspiring story. Cosplaying him take him more than slipping into his costume. He exudes great courage and a sense of immense positivity and hope. He has been forced to do many immoral things, but he refuses to give up and become that person. This is what makes him a character worthy of portrayal. It is true that he reflects the best parts of being a human despite being a fictional hero.      

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