These 12 Digital Resources Are Perfect For E-Learning Students

These 12 Digital Resources Perfect For E-Learning Students

Since the pandemic outbreak digital learning has become an increasingly popular among the modern education. The classes have moved remotely, so that all the activities can be done online. However, one of the greatest struggles that the student’s face is staying organized and able to grab relevant information from the sea of knowledge.

There is an abundance of apps and software that can help in assisting this goal of E-learning. Yet knowing which resources to use in order to enhance a kill become a little tricky. So in order to make your life easy we have come up with these 12 digital resources that will help you perfectly in E-learning.

Google Docs:

It is like a word processor that belongs to the web-based productivity suite which is offered by the Google within its Google Drive service. Moreover, the platform comprises of Google Sheets and Google Slides. The former a spreadsheet tool and the latter a presentation program.


In order to learn and memorize new ideas, Quizlet is a free study app for digital flashcards. The feature that make the app great is its ability to download other users card that save a lot of time. It also gives the opportunity to learn content you might not have considered learning.

Yale Open Courses:

If you are curious to know what courses and content does the most expensive university look like then opting for the Yale Open course is a satisfactory start. It is a collection of Yale’s-well, one of the best digital learning resources for students.


Playnote was brought into existence as open-source program by Netflix. It is a Machine Learning and Data Science workflow tool. It is a notebook that is of different kind, as it allows the mixing of different languages in one notebook and sharing data between them effortlessly.

Microsoft Teams:

It is an application that allows the students to plan out classwork, communicate with groups around the classes. It also allows project based learning and plan business. Moreover, it is a project management tool that has a free tier feature.


It is an educational tool that helps in building the social network between the teachers and students. It helps the teacher in measuring the student’s performance, easily provide the educational material, can create the collaborative groups and communicate with the parents. Making it one of the ideals apps that is used by the teachers, as the online learning resources for college students.


It is an online resource that allows to create the multimedia presentation, that can comprise of interactive maps, online quizzes, videos, Twitter timelines among the other options. It is usually used by the teachers to share the academic presentations that is visually adopted to different devices.


It is one of the nation’s top watched science series. Therefore, it website comprises with a lot of original award winning content. It has been addressed by different scientist, journalist, and engineers. The features that makes this resource more amazing is that it can be accessed for free.


It is a platform that allows to have access to a thousands of inspirational motivational, instructional and educational talks. You can easily watch a thought provoking TED-Talk at any device. All you need to do is access the videos for free and start learning from today. 

Khan Academy:

There are a lot of students who seek help from the Khan Academy for free. As it provides the high-quality content for kids and adults both. In order to get more insight, ensure to go through the Khan Kids, as they providing content for the littlest learners.


It is an online computer science platform. As soon as you type your first lines of code, learn JavaScript, and other programming concepts. It also provides lesson that will help you in fostering creativity and critical thinking. You can start with basic drag and drop coding.

Mystery Science:

It has now open its most popular science lessons remotely, making it easy during the coronavirus crisis. The topics it has ranges from weather to who invented pizza. So head to your child’s grade level in order to avail age appropriate learning.

As the technologies are being developed, everything has changed. Similar goes for education, in the first place the medium has changed. The digital era is definitely going t stay and little we can do to avoid. So the benefit is it in we embrace it and enhanced our skills with all the above mentioned tools used for E-learning. It also allows to have better concept and leads to engagement among the students. So let’s move with the future and evolve.


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