How To Write an eBook/ How To Expertly Write an eBook In First Attempt/ How To Write and Earn through eBook

How To Write an eBook/ How To Expertly Write an eBook In First Attempt/ How To Write and Earn through eBook

You all might not realize but, we all perceive a wrong concept for something. Guess what it is? Books! I’m sure if I would say that ‘the trend of reading books is being buried’ you all will move your heads upside down. Is that so? I knew this!

No, this is not the reality. Remember the ancient time when people used to travel on the camels? Have you ever wondered why they have stopped now? Because technology has touched the sky and people prefer modern-time traveling mediums. Though, this doesn’t mean that we, the new generation, have stopped traveling. These are just the resources that have changed, not the purpose!

Likewise, the trend of the reading books has not lost; we are just modifying the mediums- from hard books to E-books! By the way, have you ever read your favorite books from E-library? I know the charm of holding a book could never replace but eBooks have its charisma and honestly, I love it.

Now, let me share the biggest yet interesting secret. Do you all know? Most of the books you read on E-platforms are written by someone younger like you. Oh yes! Not all authors are the friends of Shakespeare, some of them could be yours. In fact, it could be any of you.

Surprised? Well, you all should be! Feel free to thanks me later because you will be getting more surprises. You will be more excited and surprised to know that many youngsters like you are earning a thousand bucks just through eBook. If you have an interest in writing but don’t know how to write an e-book and make money, then I can help your curious mind with some easy pleasy tips.

Oh wait, don’t be too prompt. I know your excited pulses are all set to design a cover page. Hold down! First, understand that what exactly the purpose of eBook is and how many categories you can write. Let me sound like an EssayMills boss ‘we need to be crystal clear onset before it gets too late’. Did you get the picture? Oh, I know you haven’t, like always!

Anyways, let’s come to the point. I will pen down a few effective techniques which can solve the mystery of your all queries. Whether you are looking for the answer of how to write an eBook cookbook or on the template, and fast- my tips will help you holistically in all aspects.

1. Your title is your weapon 

Would you purchase a dress even for $5 if it looks like a nasty piece of cloth? Of course, not! Similarly, if you don’t pen down your eBook on an interesting topic with the catchy title then don’t expect your audience to give it a read.

The best technique of topic selection is, go for the one in which you and your audience can share mutual benefits. Do you know what this refers to? It means to choose the topic which you can cope with your knowledge and your audience has an interest too. Imagine writing a beautiful fairytale for your audience who is lying at the age of 60 or 60+. Sounds irrelevant? That’s exactly what I am trying to say.

Also, don’t forget to identify your niche beforehand. Adjusting the audience in the cubicle, after completing a book makes no sense. Please be wise before you decide.

2. Prefer quality over quantity 

Though there are no hard and fast rules, as such. You can cover all hundreds of pages at once and even can write only five, doesn’t matter. What actually matters is the quality of your work. This is the most important thing which you need to considerate.

Impressing your audience with hundreds of pages could be a failed attempt if you didn’t harmonize between the quality and quantity. Not necessarily, you have to play with filler and fluff. Keeping it concise and creative is what you need to do.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you cannot pattern more than five pages. Just write like a free bird- fly high with enthusiasm, be creative with your words and make an impressing statement among your audience.

3. Just be YOU- unique and exceptional 

They say genius is the one who knows how to evaluate and pattern a single topic in various ways. So, if you are reading this guide on how to write an eBook step by step, then I would suggest that mark this one step as the most crucial one. You are not the only one who will be writing on a particular topic but, one thing which can set you apart from others is the way you will write.

By the way, asking you to stay unique and exception I didn’t mean to go walk on the edge of fantasy. No, just be you, simple! No one could be YOU and this is the simplest thing which you need to understand, before going out-of-the-box.

Don’t forget to take this worthy tip- write in an easy language and avoid using complex terms in your content. This can break the flow of your readers.

4.      Get ready to move on track- format 

Don’t be too fool to let the software bugs ruin your efforts. Yes, you heard right, Software Bugs! This thing is real and trust me; it is more horror than Annabelle. Would you like to know why I’m extraordinarily dragging this thing? It’s maybe because I know how it feels, losing your all efforts just because of some stupid software thing.

Anyhow, when you start formatting ensure that you work on PDF file. Taking a head start directly from Microsoft Word and then transforming it into PDF could put you in real trouble. So you better work on PDF or either go for another option which is, create your file through Open Office and then later save it in PDF.

Apart from this, try to keep the standards of size is 8 1\2 x 11. This can smooth the process of printing and can save you from one more trouble.

5. You have the last option to resketch- proofread keenly

No, we are not perfect and you know what? It takes 0.0002 seconds to accept this. Yes! We all are human and any of us can do mistakes. So, instead of keeping your head too high avail this last opportunity to evaluate your book. It doesn’t matter even if you are an expert who is looking for tips on how to write an eBook for amazon, in one day or whether you are a newbie of the writing world. Proofread is the key to all problems.

Being overconfident could create a mess for you. Even the ones writing since ages prefer proofreading before making their books published. Then what you think you are? Son of Shakespeare?  

Anyways, jokes apart. Make sure you avail this last opportunity of resketching your mistakes and making patterning an error-free draft. Are you excited to get into the game of fame?

6. Relive your soul artist- design your cover

Oh, I think for such risky things the quote ‘your one wrong move and the game is over!’ has been created. This could be the last stage of your writing process but, don’t let it be the most impulsive one.

I know you are all excited to go live but, be careful with what you choose as your cover. This can make or break your reputation. Don’t mistake considering the first design as your last. Relive and rejuvenate your soul artist and design your cover with a completely innovative approach.

Create at least 4 or 5 designs for your cover. One more thing, make sure that the theme of your book and cover design are relatable. Don’t make it look like two different horizons, leading to dissimilar destinations.

7. It’s time to generate profit- promote and sell

Bring your notepad and hold on the pen because we are up to something very interesting. Now, if you are successfully confronted the writing challenges, start working on the promotion and selling. No, please don’t sit and relax something important is still left.

 Well, it’s a suggestion that if you are a newbie and selling for the first time then ensure to keep the prices competitive and not-so-high. Wait till people recognize you and after that, you can go heavy on pockets.

 Don’t forget to buzz around. Let’s get loud with the announcement. Post a status on your Facebook account or upload a story on Instagram. Just let the whole world knows that you are on your writer has awaken and here we go!!


I am done with my job, are you ready to take your seat? For many of you, the writing word could be a nightmare but, trust me, the same word could turn into your dream. Only if you follow and as well as implicate the given tips step by step if you do so, then get be prepared to say- Hurrah, I did it! 

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