Here Is How To Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation

Here Is How To Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation

Do you struggle while creating a PowerPoint presentation and end up being stressed out and anxious?

Don’t worry, as we have covered it all. As we know in whatever aspect of your life you may be. Once in a life time we all go through a situation in which we have to create a PowerPoint presentation and present it in front of a sea of people. But creating a presentation is much more than throwing a bunch of slides.

Even worse some slides comprises of ugly photographs and poor design themes that distracts the audience from the main purpose of the presentation. However, slideshows are quick to produce, easy to update and effective to inject the visual interest into the presentation. Therefore, in this article we are going to make your life easier. By providing tips that you must keep in mind in order to make a good PowerPoint presentation.

Use Bold Color Scheme

In a Ppt color palette matters the most and using bold and bright color schemes acts amazingly in grabbing attention. A powerful color schemes gives an impression on the viewers and make them feel that you have something important to offer. In particularly the presentation templates that comprises of bold blue or orange color scheme stand out. As the bright colors make a small objects and thin lines stand out. Yet some vibrant colors are difficult to read when projected. Keep in mind to not to use more than four colors on one chart.

Use Text Creatively

The way you write in your slides also matters. There are hundreds of fonts for you to choose from. Initially understand the basic of choosing the right fonts for your slides. Ensure that you are using three font max, and each font plays a significant role in the presentations. Once you are done with this start considering ways to write them creatively. For example. Surround your text with interesting shapes, place your text in the white space of a photograph or you can use color overlays.

Keep Your Slides Simple

The first tip that comes on how to make a PowerPoint presentation good is to keep it simple. As the less is more effective. As a slide that is loaded with a lot of information is distracting and overwhelming. It causes confusion for the audience, they think that what part of the slide should I focus? Should I read the slide or pay attention to the presenter? However, a slide that is simple and visually appealing will engage the audience more. It will keep them on track with the main points.

High-Quality Photos or Graphics

As mentioned above the ugly and dull pictures usually turns the audience off. So it is important that the presentations comprises of high-quality photos and graphics. Also people will take you more seriously if they see something on the screen that is intriguing and they have no information about it. Users view attractive design as more usable. Similarly the more attractive PowerPoint is considered more effective.

Choose PowerPoint Template that matches your Topic

Another tip that plays a significant role is choosing a PowerPoint template, always keep in mind to select a template that is according to your topic. This will help you very much as you would no longer have to customize the template. Furthermore you won’t have to spend time looking for extra element such as the right icons or the right presentation elements. Create your own distinctive look or you can also come up with the logo of your company in the corner screen. In order to get insight of good presentation slides you can look for customized presentations available.

Keep Slides Short

When we talk about making a good PowerPoint presentation. It’s important that you keep the slides short and use it as a helpful tool to highlight the important points of the presentation. The slides may play the role to serve as a visual representation of the data and facts that you are sharing. It must be precise and relevant to the topic. Yet it must be able to engage the audience instead of making them bore and loose interest.

Use Relevant Charts

Graphs and charts can also be a reason for distraction if they are not utilized in the right way. So make sure that your design depicting information is simple and clean. So that the audience is able to comprehend the concepts and doesn’t try all the time to decipher what your X-axis says.

Create a Variety of Slides

If you present the same slide, just with different content on it. Nobody like to see the exact same thing again and again. Therefore, when you consider on the points on how to make a good Ppt presentation always remember to add variation in your slides. Ensure that you come up with multiple differences, accommodating some of the common uses of the slides. The minimum slides you will comprise of is:

  • Title
  • Table of Content Slide
  • A Slide that Introduces the Speaker
  • Content Slides (Opt for different layouts)

Can add transition to your slides

To add a little creativity to your slides, you can add a transition to it. It will provide a little bit of movement and showmanship to your presentation. There are a lot of transitions that are built in PowerPoint, you can choose any one from them. In order to access it, select the “Transitions” tab from the top ribbon. In order to customize it further, click “Effect Options” and go for the one that suits best to your topic. If you want to remove a transition, select “Transitions” and click “None.”

The final takeaway is you must have got the idea that what mistakes you were doing in your previous presentations that didn’t make you stand out. So when you sit again to make a presentation, keep in mind all the above mentioned tips. It would definitely help you in making a presentation engaging and enchanting. Also a presentation that would impress everybody in the room.

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