Google Offers New Short-Term Career Certificate Programs Leading to High-Paying Jobs

Google Offers New Short-Term Career Certificate Programs Leading to High-Paying Jobs

Many professionals have lost their jobs permanently due to the Covid situation. This leaves them at a loss in the middle of an industry which is still facing the consequences of the pandemic. Some are willing to try and tread new paths and explore new training opportunities. They want to avail the second chance of rooting themselves in an entirely new field. Yet priority is given to careers that promise a decent pay scale.

For such individuals, Google has introduced an appealing solution. They are recently offering career certificates in skills that are essential for landing a good job. Apart from the certificate for IT Support which was launched in March, there are three more programs:

  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer

It takes approximately around 6 months to obtain the certification. The important thing is that no prior education or experience related to these fields is needed to acquire the certificates. According to Kent Walker, the SVP of Google’s global affairs department, these certificates are equal to a four-year degree. They will be treating it as such in their own hiring process. Equivalent roles will be offered to certificate holders as degree holders.

From the perspective of a career counselor, these courses can also help in diving into a new career. While the google career certificates cost low, they promise positions which are highly lucrative. The courses will be online so there are no travelling expenses. One only needs to spend $49 monthly for the training and job search assistance which is useful later on. We are now going to shed some light on each of the courses which are available.

Data Analyst:

The standard salary of a Data Analyst is $61,111. It is evident that the opportunities expand endlessly for this career. There are thousands of opening for this position if you search online. Most of them are offers of remote work which is best suited under current conditions.

The job requirements of data analysts are to collect data and use it to help make informed business decisions. A data analyst for any company has to gather information about particular topics relevant to their niche. Then they analyze, interpret, and present the useful data they find. Various types of businesses hire data analysts to analyze and collect information they need.

Experts of this fields are in demand whenever there is need of competitive analyzing and identification of current industry trends. They tackle specific business operations using various tools, data sets, and systems. By discovering useful information, they can provide answers and solutions which benefit their company.

As a data analyst you will be able to translate trends, trajectories, and numbers into accessible and digestible information. Businesses need to collect different types of data like sales figures, market research, logistics, inventories, profit margins and more. Your primary goal would be using that data to present cost-effective solutions which also help the business grow further.

Project Manager:

The salary for one who newly enters this field is estimated to be $76,803. Along with chances of good bonuses along with the annual sum. On a job platform like, there are more than 37,000 positions open for this career. And most of them are remote so where you are located is not an issue.

This second course on our Google IT Certificates list is for responsible planners and organizers. And do not worry if you are not one, because taking the course will certainly make you. It consists of knowing all the ups and down need for completion of projects within and organization. Along with making sure that they are done on time, within budget and scope. The precise duties of a project manager vary according to the niche they are working in.

UX Designer:

The pay scale one can expect after earning google career certificates UX design is $74,274. That is the amount you can get after gaining 1-2 years of experience. A beginner’s salary is around $63K which is also a promising sum for starting fresh. Plus, this is another career which is currently in demand.

If you are wondering, UX is an abbreviation for user experience. The role applies specifically to the field of computer software and hardware. UX designing is about the interaction between human users and machine operations. Like browsing through a website or app or even using your coffee machine.

It is a vast discipline which covers technology, business, human psychology, design, and market research. A UX designer’s job is to create technology and products which are functional, easy, and fun to use. They have to work as a part of bigger team. They often bridge the gap between users, the development teams, and important business stakeholders.

It is the responsibility of a UX designer to advocate the customer or end-user. They have to consider what is best for users and how to improve the overall experience they will receive. And on the other hand, the designer also has to keep in mind the business is gaining profit.


By offering these course Google has opened up a world of opportunities during this upheaval of the industry. Any academic guidance needed during the courses can be had at EssayMills. We have expert and professional essay writers to help you with all types of academic content. We are only a click away to answer all your queries and provide you with quality assistance.   

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