Design Thinking Process And Its 3 Important Elements You Should Know

Design Thinking Process & Its 3 Important Elements

Designing an application and making it run successfully is not easy for sure. There is a list of different tasks and stages that are involved in the design thinking and its implementation. The design thinking is basically a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to the solving problems.

Hoping to the direct topic of design thinking that is a non-linear and iterative process that teams to use the understand users and to challenge assumptions. The redefinition of the problems and to create their new and innovative solutions is also the stage of design thinking.

Everything that we see and use is incorporated with the technology and involves several phases to which we are not known.  Design thinking process is one of those critical methodology about which we don’t have any idea.

Well, let me gear you up with the term design thinking process. Let’s get into the study.


You might be thinking what is design thinking process? Then here you go with a detailed and comprehensive guide.

Design thinking process is basically a process for solving the problems by prioritizing the consumers’ needs and creating the perfect yet innovative solution to the complex problems.

The design thinking process basically involves five phases empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Apart from the tech grounds, the design thinking process relies on the observation, empathetic behavior of people with their environment along with the hands on approach to create the innovative solutions.

In general, the design thinking process can be applied to many different contexts as it is not only about the developing the next digital product. The purpose of the design thinking process is user-centric, innovative, and creative. The products that develop after the design thinking process are desirable for the user, viable for the business, and technologically feasible.

In a nutshell, the design thinking process is enabling the individuals to find the innovative solution to the complex problems, driven by the needs of the target user.

With the help of design thinking process, the people are taught with the skills of innovation and problem solving. Also, this fosters teamwork and the collaboration among people.

The expert researchers from the website of affordablepaper also emphasized over the concept of the design thinking process as this offers a proven competitive advantage.


Basically, there are 5 main stages of the design thinking model. These are empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and the test. In the terms and aspects of user experience (UX) design, this is crucial to develop and refine the skills to understand and address the rapid changes in the user’s environment and behaviors.

Since the technology has connected all the things together and has been making ravishing changes in the grounds, so it has become severely important for the designers to pay a keen attention to the design thinking process.

The design teams use the design thinking process to tackle the wicked problems in a way that they become human-centric ways and focus on what is most important for the users.

The thinking process of design is improving the force in the business and is driving popular and groundbreaking solutions. With the help of these design thinking processes, the team can gain deep insights and can collect different methods that would be helpful enough in finding the innovative answers.

Below I have broken down the 3 important elements of the design thinking process that every individual should know. By following these essential elements, the design thinking process would become streamline and seamless as well.

Empathize and define:

This is the stage where the needs of the user are needed to be researched. You need to gain an empathetic understanding towards the issue and must come up with the user research. Empathy is always crucial and it allows new ideas to flow into from the perspective of user.

At the stage of define, you have to come up with the written document of the needs and the problems of the user. Also, analyzing the problems with their definitions and making them problem statement is also important.

Ideate and prototype:

Ideate is the stage of the design thinking process where you have to challenge the assumptions and have to create the ideas. This is the time when the ideas are generated and the knowledge is being utilized with the innovative solutions.

While being at the prototype, you have to start creating the solutions. This is an experimental phase where the aim is to get up with the best solution possible in the world. The ideas could be on a low scale budget as well just to check the prototype.


Testing is where the founded solution is ready to be tried out. The evaluators rigorously test the prototypes and also make sure that there are no challenges. These solutions are sometimes useful and sometimes they are useless as well.

The teams also use the results in order to redefine one or more than one problem. In this way, you can return back to the previous stages as well to make further iterations, alterations, and the refinements.


With the help of this short yet comprehensive guide, you would be able to understand the essential components of the design thinking process. The operations of the different elements and their stages is also described.

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