7 iPhone Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

7 iPhone Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

Who doesn’t want to bedeck their Instagram with incredible photos of their memorable moments and things they love? But taking an eye-catching photograph is not simply guaranteed by possessing an iPhone. Having a high-definition mobile camera though is definitely convenient. You can instantly capture whatever grabs your fancy without any extra equipment. However, with the right techniques you can produce photos of a professional quality. We have some excellent tips for you to indulge your photographic talents and amaze others.

1.      Take sharper photographs

The first instinct you have when you find an interesting subject is to immediately press the shutter. Once you look back at those captures, they do not turn out the way you expect them to. The best solution to that is take your time when you click a picture. Slowing down and focusing on your subject will help you take sharper and clearer pictures.

2.      Keep the lens clean

This would seem like too obvious a thing to classify as a tip. But once you start noticing how many good shots are compromised by dirty lens it would make more sense. Our phones are with us all the time and we place them down on multiple surfaces. Therefore, the lens is more often smudged than not most of the times. Your shot might look okay even with an unclean lens. But just polish it up and see the difference. It will turn from clear to crystal clear which is the key element of professional photographs.

3.      Get closer to the subject

This next tip on our list of iPhone photography tips for beginners is very important. As iPhone photographers are often face with this dilemma. It is quite frustrating how zooming in on an object can rapidly lose the picture quality. It is best that if you wish to take a close up, then move physically nearer to the subject. Otherwise, the zoom feature just produces pictures which end up pixelated and grainy. It might take you a bit more effort, but the results will definitely be worth it.

4.      Use the grid

The rule of thirds is a trick used most often by photographers for acing a picture’s composition. It is basically a technique of figuring out how frame the shot by using proportions of nine rectangles. This feature can be accessed on your phone in the Settings. Open the Photos and Camera menu there and press the option of “Grid” for activating. When you return to the camera you will see the grid lightly outlined on the screen. This will enable your pictures to look more balanced and evenly composed.

5.      Lighting is essential

Proper lighting is equally important for doing mobile photography as it is for cameras. In poor lighting your pictures are more likely to turn out low quality and will appear grainy. To avoid that keep in mind that your lighting source should be coming from behind you. And is fully illuminating the subject.

Do not hesitate to shoot photographs at night as well once you have that tip memorized. And you will automatically learn a lot about lighting once you start noticing it as a necessary element. Shooting at varying times of the day can help hone your technique. There is also the option of using flash when an area is not well lit.

6.      The simpler the better

One of the best techniques to take a beautiful picture is to keep it simple. Sometimes amateur photographers make the mistake of over complicating the photographs they take. However having too many details cramped together in one picture can be distracting for the eye. The busier the scene, the more difficult it is to have a great composition.

It is the golden rule of photography that you only need one captivating subject to take a great picture. With a single subject, you can create a composition much stronger in appearance. Do not worry if there is a lot of empty space in the background. In photographic terms it is called negative space and is an incredible trick to turn out an intensely focused subject.

7.      Shooting from a low angle

Most users tend to position their iPhones at chest height when capturing shots. This is obviously the most convenient way to take pictures. But there are several more creative options available if you just explore a bit! It is best to think out of the box when you are practicing an art as inventive as photography.

The easiest way to improve your photographs is choosing a different angle to shoot from. Often the most brilliant shots can be had when you position the phone at a lower perspective.

There are three good reasons why photos turn out great from that angle. Firstly, the shot will simply be more intriguing. It will show the world from a fresh never before seen perspective. Secondly, capturing from a low angle means that your background will only be of the sky. This serves as the best blank canvas which brings your subjects into sharper focus. Lastly, you can capture a lot of amazing foreground details when you are shooting a landscape picture for instance.

Final Word

We have covered the basics of iPhone photography in the tips above. As long as you follow them you can end up with professional photographs with the least bit of effort! If you are a student assigned with an essay topic about photography or any other subject reach out to Essaydone. Our service offers the best of assistance in the most affordable of prices.

Taking photos is an art like any other which requires practice and patience. It is not enough to just know about the techniques. You must experiment and use innovative ideas of your own to discover your personal style. The next time a subject grabs your attention use our tips with a flair of your own to capture it. We are sure you will become a professional photographer with just your iPhone in no time.     

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