10 Coolest Fashion Trends in Spring/Summer 2024

10 Coolest Fashion Trends in Spring/Summer 2024

The fashion world has not been able to function as usual because of the Covid-19 crisis. Yet this season has brought with itself quite a collection of stylish and bold designs. Over the last few weeks vibrant azure bags, oversized blazers, and trendy facemasks have been topping Fashion Week. This year is witnessing the return of the most influential of decades fashion wise. The S/S24 fashion collection can give you a whole lot of inspiration to rethink your entire wardrobe. So, without further ado let us move on to the best styles of this season.

1.      Oversized jackets with shoulder pads

You can easily create an illusion of height or play around with shapes with this 80s inspired trend. The oversized padded blazer cinches in at the waist while making your legs look longer. Pair it with a straight legged pant or even leather shorts for a futuristic vibe. Charcoal, pale blue, and neutral tones are excellent options for these jackets.

2.      Sleek face masks

Face masks are an irreplaceable part of our outdoor attire now. The spring/summer fashion trends vogue has proven it can be turned into a gorgeous look as well. Face masks in black with a sleek design have been dominating the runway. They are perfectly contrasted with any outfit you wear and offer full coverage for your mouth and nose. You can go for a silky material which is more breathable or pick one with embellishments. The perk of this face mask is that there are limitless ways to style it. It would look amazing with any color or style.

3.      Headscarves

Next up on our list of fashion trends 2021 spring/summer is one taken straight from the fifties and sixties era. Headscarves have a way of looking classy without overdoing your look. There are also many designs to choose from like intricate or floral patterns. Or even ultra-modern ones like color block or bold lettering. The scarf be worn wrapped around the head with a loose knot under the chin. Or you can just wrap it around your neck for a laid-back look.

4.      Pastel colors

Pastels are continuing to dominate the fashion trends of this year too. They look great on a wide range of skin tones making them extremely wearable fashion trends. You can opt for a mint green boiler suit or a light lavender oversized trench. Or even try them on simultaneously. These soft and glowing hues are perfect for looking gorgeous yet cool in summer.

5.      Yellow bags

The yellow bag is steadily taking over the runway and fashion stores right now. The trend is timeless and easy to carry. Just spice up your ensemble with a little yellow clutch or get a mustard tote as your daily accessory. There is no end to the shades in this color to suit your mood and preference. It can work equally well either as a fashion trends teenage girl attire or as an elegant lady’s companion. They stand out with vibrant outfits or monochromatic looks in the best way possible.

6.      Folk inspired outerwear

This season dare to look legendary with these lovely and intricately designed coats. In a colder temperature they can provide ample protection if layered with lace and embroidery. The classic designs look even more majestic with a solid brown or black outfit. This outerwear is very easy to style and will give a fabulous appearance on any occasion. You can even wear it with some vibrant colors for a cheerful and festive vibe.

7.      Knee high boots (white)

This fantastic footwear was a favorite back in the sixties. And now its back in full force. The knee-high boots especially in white are an instant way to transform your look. Wear it with a skirt or a funkily patterned mini dress as an eye-catching outfit. The boots will also look great with a fun pair of leggings or a roll neck sweater. You can either keep your ensemble slouchy and effortless or for a close-fitting svelte vibe. The boots will be an amazing finishing touch for either look.

8.      Camel color with yellow combinations

Mustard or pale touches of yellow with a beautiful camel colored jacket is the star combination right now. The trend is inspired from the 70s, but designers have blended it with modern outfits for a smooth fusion. Mix and match these colors to add depth and dimension to your clothes. Check out movieleatherjackets for some spectacular camel-colored choices in outerwear. A turtleneck in a glowing creamy yellow or flared pants will go along perfectly with them.

9.      Blue accessories

Why go for a neutral look when you can stand out in style? Adding any shade of blue to a solid toned outfit can instantly level up your fashion game. The pop of color can be included in anything from a bucket hat to a trendy handbag. Just make sure that you are either pairing these items with a grey or black attire. The vibrant color will provide the right pop with these darker choices only. This will quickly become your new favorite look as soon as you try it on.

10.  Fringed bags

The right handbag will speak volumes when it comes to fashion. They easily become the statement part of your entire ensemble. The fringed bags are possibly one of the hugest trends of this spring/summer collection. The tassels look chic whether they are short or hanging right down to the floor. They provide just the right flair to glow up even the simplest of dresses. The variety of material they are available in include shearling and leather. Both choices are extremely sophisticated and attention grabbing.

These were the topmost fashion trends of this season. The classic styles of the past have made a massive comeback which is very appealing. It gives you further options to experiment with and put together looks you have not tried before. What is best that you can even follow these trends with the pieces you already possess. So, go on and start creating attires which channel exactly who you are as a person.    

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