10 Business Strategists to Follow in 2024

10 Business Strategists to Follow in 2024

Any business owner and manager knows that beginning or running an enterprise is impossible without strategy. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a veteran of the corporate world, planning is essential to grow a business. Otherwise, you will risk being left in the dust by your competitors.

If you are eager to take your business to new levels of success, advice from top-notch strategists is vital. We have ten of the best strategists business owners should consult in the revolutionized industry of 2021. Their recommendations and suggestions will reveal the secrets of business success in 2021 to all who reach out.

1.    Adam Flores

Flores is a genius when it comes to marketing funnels and paid advertising. Running and strategizing campaigns for prominent online influencers, he is able to share data which works.

Giving his clients probable opportunities for creating successful campaigns. Adam and his team have ideas to turn the coldest of audiences into the clients you want.

2.    Saksha Regina

Regina is an educational trainer, university lecturer, author, and international speaker. Her mission to help growth by providing targeted, purpose-led, and customized communication and marketing strategies.

Saksha Regina has worked in a range of professions from social psychology and fitness and nutrition to entertainment and luxury brands. It helps her bring a distinct perspective to the strategies she builds.

3.    Sara Wiles

Sara is a capable wife, mother, mentor, and fierce businesswoman. She developed her own corporation which offers various course, programs, and services.

Sara’s work is exclusively meant to assist businesswoman discover their marketable talents. Alongside maintaining a smooth transition from work to home life and vice versa.

4.    Heather Crabtree

Heather has sixteen years of extensive experience as a business strategist, specifically in the entrepreneurial field. Her services cater to multiple purposes, helping digital businesses to build, scale, and develop.

Heather is also starting a community for providing education and an opportunity for online service providers to form connections. And exchange resources and support with other members of the industry.

5.    Tara-Jay Rimmer

She is a keynote speaker for female entrepreneurship along with being a mentor and creator of digital courses. Tara-Jay has struggled to reach the position she is at now and therefore understands the difficulties firsthand.

She arms individuals with knowledge required for starting a business which can ensure profits. With her ten year long practical, real life hardship and experiences, she is able to see the perspective of clients. And advises them accordingly.

6.    Corey Phelps

A professional athlete, Corey Phelps is passionate about health and fitness. Corey has gone through an educational journey lasting ten years and learned much about the corporate industry.

She found out how to build communities and businesses, along with nurturing self-love and empowerment. And proceeds to teacher and help others this confidence and strength as well.

7.    Serwaa Adjei-Pellé

Serwaa is a successful business strategist, partner consultant at Pelle+CO and founder of a membership community and podcast. She has a great passion for working with SMBs to assist them in content strategy and strategic planning.

She and her company oversee every aspect involved in marketing procedures. Which includes crating strategies, sourcing vendors, execution, employee management, and more. This allows CEOs to focus exclusively on vital parts of their companies.

8.    Laura O’Hagan

Hagan is the lead of an impressive success story. She was able to set up a six-figure business in the space of eighteen months. While being a mother to two children.

She is a certified accountant and coach, who operates her own business while working for top management consultant firms.

Laura understands what the struggles are of starting from the ground up. And she is eager to share her expert advice with those who need it the most.

9.    Sophie Thorne

Thorne’s mission is to guide woman from the position of entrepreneur to CEO. Being a serial entrepreneur herself she makes it her priority to help women business owners.

She is an expert in creating increasingly scalable systems, streamlining strategy, and developing a CEO’s mindset. Her perspective, experience, and knowledge are gained from working corporate for eight years.

10.  Aimee Browne

And lastly, we have Aimee Browne who is the savior of female entrepreneurship. Her business strategies are created and executed for the purpose of focused growth and development.

Her brilliant time management strategies use savvy structures and systems for business optimization. In turn they generate more earning and a bigger impact. Her assistance is available in form of mentorship, masterclasses, and group sessions.


These ten business strategists were carefully selected by our team at Assignmenthelp27. What makes them incredible is that they use their personal experiences to understand the hardships of their clients. By understanding the perspective of a newcomer in the field, they can offer advice best suited to them.

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