What Are The Major Barriers Of Online Learning in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic?

What Are The Major Barriers Of Online Learning in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic?

The rapid cases of coronavirus started being reported at the end of December 2019. The virus spread rapidly across the Chinese borders and reached up to 210 countries killing millions of people and leaving millions of people infected.

Due to the huge rise in the death toll and infected people, the countries around the world took the step of shutting down their respective states. Lockdowns were imposed in the countries, traveling was banned, and people were asked to keep themselves quarantine.

Each and every business sector faced horrible results in 2020. The businesses were facing extreme decline in the sales and services that indirectly landed thousands of people to the unemployment. Schools, educational institutions, and universities also got shut down due to the rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus.

Still, in so many areas of the world, the educational institutions are still closed facing closure due to the pandemic.


Since after the rise of coronavirus cases, the educational institutions went down in the closure. Keeping it to the perspective of education, the pandemic has hit the sector of education badly yet negatively. The students are being in the lockdown mode since March 2020 and since then the online mode of teaching has been activated.

The stop on face-to-face learning activities is still continuing as the chances of being infected from coronavirus haven’t slowed down. Due to the closure of schools and universities, there was an abrupt shift of the students and teachers to the online scenario.

The professional research writers from Essay Mills have also penned, the online teaching system is not easy for the teachers and students both as it will bring every student on the same pace. The learning capabilities are also being risked to get dull.

I understand, in today’s smart world, every student is having a smartphone, a laptop, and an active internet connection at home. But is this still a guarantee towards the bright and successful academic future of every child with different learning speeds?

The pandemic has elevated the sector of e-commerce and has made it a merchandise with a long way to go. But the same pandemic has hit the educational sector massively and future of almost 1 billion students is at risk!


The online learning was never an appreciated idea before the pandemic of coronavirus. But since the COVID-19 is here, this online learning has become a norm. Students are sitting right in front of their laptops and mobiles for straight 2, 3 or more hours and are taking online classes.

The students and teachers are still unable to cope with the environment of tech education and this is also fueling the challenges of online learning during COVID- 19 to rise. In this article, I have broken down 10 major challenges of online learning in the times of pandemic. Let’s have a look at them.

Limited experience of teaching:

The experience of the teaching may get very limited due to the online teaching boundaries. The students are highly habitual of asking questions and telling answers that helps the classroom to grow collectively. This absence is creating an issue for the students as they are unable to learn at the same pace.

Challenging e-learning tools:

Teachers are also being stressed enough as they are not trained to use the e-learning tools. Due to the lack of training, teachers are unable to make the maximum of the technology and cannot deliver the lecture in the way they want!

Personal cognitions:

The personal cognitions and the behaviors of students are also clashing. A student with low confidence is not able to attend the online lecture with enthusiasm and zeal. Obviously, here teacher is also bound as he cannot monitor properly during the online classes.

Absence of support and appreciation:

The absence of support and appreciation in the online class is also a barrier in the learning of students. The students are not able to get enough recognition from the teacher and this is affecting the learning abilities as well.

Learning habits collision:

Switching from the in-class teaching scenarios to the online teaching is not easy for both the parties of teachers and students. This switch is holding back the students as well. Teachers are unable to cope with the platforms and students are unable to understand via online platforms.

No community involvement:

Benefits of online learning during lockdown might be very few and only limited student would be having the benefits via personalized learning. But the lack of community involvement is the biggest barrier and the students aren’t being enough socialized with their friends. The inability to participate is also affecting online learning.

Boring online classes:

The online classes definitely turn out to be very boring a lot of times. Looking at the screen is not fun until and unless there isn’t anything entertaining and funny. I understand this concept and the e-learning is becoming an issue itself here!

Lack of motivation:

The lack of motivation is also a barrier is the online learning. Since the students are unable to get enough recognition and appreciation in the class, their confidence and motivation decline quickly and this makes the e-learning a lot more difficult for every student.

Technical issues and computer literacy:

The technical issues and the computer literacy are also affecting the online e-learning of the students. A lot of students are unable to manage their technical issues on time and teachers are facing obstacles due to the lack of computer literacy.

Time management:

Time management is creating issues in the online e-learning as well. Being at home and getting available at every minute for online classes is not easy for the students and teachers both! This is why the concept of online e-learning that has become a norm is not liked by the educators and the educationalists.

Final Thougths: This detailed and comprehensive guide is encompassing the 10 major barriers of online learning in the times of pandemic. The medical tourism website education sector is constantly taking steps to improve the online system of teaching so that the precious year of students must not go wasted! Smart strategies and their proper implementation is required to make the online teaching system efficient.

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