How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for the Scholarship: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for the Scholarship: Step-By-Step Guide

There are many scholarship programs out there for college admissions and each comes with its specific guidelines. A recommendation letter is always a requirement as it serves as proof of the student’s achievements and dedication. Counselors, teachers, or any other person with an important role are eligible to provide a letter of this nature.

For anyone who is writing a recommendation letter it should be crafted with utmost care. In this article we provide you with a complete guide on how to write an effective recommendation letter for scholarship.

Main parts of a recommendation letter

Each letter of recommendation is personalized according to the student it is meant for. But the overall structure of the letter will adhere to the same template. Following are the main points your letter must have:

  • A greeting
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Summary
  • Your contact information and signature

Start by brainstorming and listing out the strengths and qualifications of the student. Also think about what evidences you can provide to support those claims. For instance, if the student is applying for a scholarship of computer science, highlight a relevant project they did. If the application is for the literary field, then mention if they have any published work.

Also determine you know everything about the scholarship the student is applying to. Being aware of all the rules and regulations will help you tailor the letter accordingly. Determine if there are scholarship taxable or not so the student does not face any challenges later on. Once all the essential information is gathered it is now time to begin on the letter itself.


Mention clearly who you are writing the letter for and in what context you know them. Also explain why you are qualified to give this assessment about the student. If you connected to them through more than one role then include that. Like being a teacher along with coach or counsellor. This will be further evidence of how well you know them and how they are like in other areas.


Once the introduction has covered all the mentioned elements you can move on to the body of the letter. There are always details available on scholarship websites about what makes a candidate eligible for it. Go through them so your evaluation can highlight exactly what they are looking for in the student.

If the scholarship is designed only for academic accomplishment, then emphasizing the high ranks achieved by the student is important. Mention if they have been constantly performing this well through several years. This is great proof to suggest they have the right aptitude for continuing to excel through college.

A lot of scholarships are specifically targeted at a particular field. So, write about the future you envision for the student. If the scholarship is being awarded for mechanical engineering, then relate it to their professional or academic goals. Give a description of how you see them succeeding in the field and the reasons behind it. Include the activities they have been involved in, for example the Robotics Club, to get your point across.


Finally, you need to conclude on a strong note which shows why the student is worthy of the scholarship. Make them stand out as a motivated and hardworking individual who would be an ideal investment. That can be done by emphasizing their talent, drive, commitment, ambition, and contribution to their academics. State exactly why all these things make them deserve the scholarship and how they will use it beneficially.

Errors to avoid while writing a letter of recommendation:

There are many great scholarship options out there such as Bright futures scholarship program. They open great opportunities for devoted students in any field to secure an admission which they cannot afford otherwise. However, even the most merited of students might fall short without a convincing recommendation as support. Therefore, it is a huge responsibility which should be handled with precision and care. Here are some things you must avoid when you are crafting a recommendation letter:

Unenthusiastic praise:

Letters that do not have the proper emotions put into them stand out starkly against genuine ones. So, it is important to choose your words carefully and keep away from cliches. Simply saying that the student is a hard worker and performs well academically will not be noticeable. Use more descriptive terms like intellectual, curios, diligent, and insightful to accurately demonstrate their attributes. If you are stuck at a point, professional assistance can be had from EssayMills. We have the best writing teams to help solve any academic dilemma you are facing.

Generic writing style:

A recommendation letter which is not customized will have the least chances of succeeding at its task. We repeatedly emphasize that crafting the letter according to the scholarship is highly necessary. The student can use the same letter for applying to different programs. But the particular changes needed to adhere to each scholarship must be applied before submission. Customization only makes the letter stronger and worthy of attention leading to higher chance of success.

Non-descriptive reasons:

It will also be not wise to just include unique adjectives yet providing no evidence to back them. A story or anecdote demonstrating the student’s capabilities must be included. If you are saying that they have leadership qualities, then relate a story of them actually practicing that. For example, how they have had a successful term as class president. Or lead an awareness program for important social issues. This will bring forward the student’s strengths and how they are likely to perform based on that.


A letter of recommendation that is genuinely thoughtful and supportive can provide a strong boost for a student’s future. It can work for any type of scholarship whether its is for finances, academic accomplishment, or a particular field. It is your job as the writer to make the letter exceptional by using the tips we have provided. As long as the student can present the committee with an impressive recommendation, they are sure to win the scholarship.   

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